gas fireplace servicing

The Heater Man specialises in the service, repair and maintenance of home heating gas appliances.

It’s recommended all gas fireplaces are inspected every two years and with all gas appliances over 10 years serviced every year. An unsafe gas fireplace can pollute your home with dangerous fumes, by servicing and using your fireplace correctly your appliance will be safe to run and operate efficiently.

Most common faults are caused by dirt and dust build up in and around key parts like the pilot and fan, the fire may be cutting out or turning off or smelling a bit ‘dirty’ when running – most of these are rectified with a service.

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What we’ll do

  • Conduct an overall operational assessment of your system
  • Conduct a gas connection inspection
  • Remove all internal dust build up from the fan and internal working of unit.
  • Inspect gas injectors for correct size and operation.
  • Inspect and clean out the areas you can’t reach
  • Run fire for operational assessment
  • Conduct a smoke bomb test if required
  • Check your appliance is working to correct safety standards.