The Heater Man are specialists in domestic and commercial hydronic heating servicing, general boiler repairs and also maintenance of home gas heating appliances so you don’t get cold in the winter months.

It is recommended that all your gas appliances which includes hydronic and central heating systems are inspected every two years and with all gas appliances over 10 years an annual yearly service is required. An unsafe gas heating system can pollute your home with dangerous fumes and gases. By using and servicing your heating system correctly your appliance will work and be safe to operate efficiently. Keeping your whole family safe from danger!

The service of your central heating system will include:

  • First of all we conduct an overall operational assessment of your heating system.
  • We also will test for faults and check for any corrosion within the boiler to ensure complete piece of mind.
  • Finally we ensure your heating appliance is especially working to the correct safety standards.

Why it’s important to service gas appliances:

  • Prevents reduced heating efficiency which will also add $$ to your gas bill each year.
  • Ensures no escape of dangerous carbon monoxide gasses in to your home or business.
  • To reduce any potential risk of a fire in addition to operational hazards.
  • Most of all It will also help maintain the heating appliance is as safe to use as it was designed by its manufacturer.


  • Mobile service -$245 inc GST.
  • Call us to book a mobile service. We also have AM or PM slots so let our customer service team know your preference.
  • Additional gas appliances serviced for reduced rates on the same visit.


THE SMALL PRINT: These prices are all inclusive, with no extra fees for call out apply however all services are carried out on the assumption that the appliance is in working order, any additional resulting works to repair heater are carried out at $32.00+GST per 15 minutes, or where possible with a fixed quote.

Sometimes further repairs or parts are needed to get your heater up and running again, as part of the service our technician will fault find and diagnose what further repairs that maybe needed and quote accordingly.  We carry most common heating parts however if the appliance requires a part we don’t stock a second visit will be arranged to conduct repairs.


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