Escea DX Series DX1000 Double Sided

Multi-room Gas Fireplace

The DX1000 Multi-room gas fireplace combines the unique wide flame action of Escea with their Heat Ducting Technology, which provides heat into several rooms and evenly distributes heat within the same room. The double sided model, at 1 metre wide, this gas fireplace makes a dramatic statement in any house. Reflective side panels give the appearance of an even wider fireplace, providing an infinite flame effect.

The choice of fascia and extensive range of fuel bed options allow you to create a look to suit your home. With Escea’s truly frameless design, this fire has a minimalist look that focuses on the flame.  Escea’s Powered Direct Vent Flue uses efficient fan technology to heat the room but not the flue. The system also allows the flue to run up, down, and even horizontally, giving you the design flexibility to put your fireplace almost anywhere in a room.

Another exciting feature is the Escea Smart Heat System which allows you to control your fire through an app on your smartphone. This enables you to turn your fire on before you get home, ensuring you come home to a warm house.

Prince includes: DX1000 Double Sided Engine, Fuel Bed, Fascia, Escea Data Cable, Escea Power Flue. Price excludes: Installation.

Pricing for Fireplace Engine only. Fuel bed, flue, fascias are sold separately.

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