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November 25, 2016
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Beefeater Bugg Amber
Beefeater Bugg amber 2

Beefeater Bugg Solid Fuel Grill BBQ


This Beefeater Portable Bugg Barbecue is a must for those of you who love to entertain. The locked-in grease tray and easy-clean hood ensure there are no spills or mess and the smart, detachable shelves and accessory hooks means its easy to pack and go. Perfect for both small and large gatherings either at home or out and about.

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    This sturdy but lightweight Beefeater trolley is perfect for everyday use. Compact for easy transport and storage. This Bugg accessory has room to store a 9kg/20lb gas bottle and has an automatic in-use wheel lock for stability.

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    The BeefEater BUGG is great for Summer time. Party time. On your balcony. At the beach. In the yard. Set it up on the spot and share your food as fast as you can. Born in Australia, the BUGG is a new species of BBQ that’s so much more than you ever imagined. Cook with the hood up, for crispier grilling. Or hood down, for roasts.



  • Swivel vent and air inlet for complete heat control
  • Lid thermometer to control and monitor cooking
  • Solid lid handle and shelves – easy to open and close lid, shelves can be taken off
  • Tough construction – retains the heat
  • Stainless steel ash slide door – assists with retaining the heat and cleaning of ash

Amber, Graphite


Install & Natural Gas Conversion (+$300), Install My BBQ (+$100), No Installation


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