Gas Heaters

  • Mobile portable gas heater service $185.00
  • Additional portable heater on same visit to your home $140.00
  • Workshop portable gas heater service $150.00
  • Same Day* Workshop portable gas heater service $195.00

A portable gas heater is a heater that is plugged into a bayonet point and can be taken out and moved.

This service will be performed outside your home in a driveway or garage if available

*Same day workshop service jobs must be checked in before 3pm


Gas Fires & Fixed Heaters

  • Fixed room Heater or Gas Fire Service $245.00
  • Additional Fixed room Heater or Gas Fire service $200.00

Hydronic Heating & Ducted Heating

  • Hydronic or Central Heating service $299.00

Hot Water


Apart from this yearly servicing, if you see any of the following signs, you will need to call us immediately:

  • Your gas appliance burns with a yellow rather than blue flame
  • The pilot light has been going out a lot of times
  • You notice black stains on gas appliance
  • There is more condensation in the room

Whenever you need to service your gas appliance, just call The Heater Man. The benefits of servicing your gas appliance, from saving money on energy costs as well as repair and replacement costs, and maintaining your family’s safety.


THE SMALL PRINT: These prices are all inclusive, no extra fees for call out apply however all services are carried out on the assumption that the appliance is in working order, any additional works to repair heater are carried out at $32.00+GST per 15 minutes, or where possible with a fixed quote.

Sometimes further repairs or parts are needed to get your heater up and running again, as part of the service our technician will fault find and diagnose what further repairs are needed and quote accordingly.  We carry most common parts however if the appliance requires a part we don’t stock a second visit will be arranged to conduct repairs.

We request that all works are paid for on completion, no accounts available without prior agreement.

Payment can be made by Cash, Credit card (2% fee) or EFTPOS, unfortunately we do not accept cheques or bank transfers.

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