New Gas Installations

Natural gas is a excellent choice for those looking for an altern ative to traditional electricity. Using natural gas for hot water, heating and cooking will both reduce your electricity bill, as well as help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Heater Man specialises in the installation, service, repair and maintenance of gas appliances in your home. As a certified installation provider of Natural Gas, The Heater Man can manage your new gas installation project from beginning to end.

We Take Care of Everything For You

Once you have determined that you can get gas in your home, we will take care of everything else for you.

This includes:

  • Submission of the application form to the gas supplier on your behalf
  • Liaison with the gas company to get approval for a gas line to your home
  • Laying of pipes from the street to the location of the gas meter on your property, and installation of the gas meter on your property

Gas for every part of your home

Once the gas meter is installed, we can then set your house up for whatever gas elements you may need.

This includes:

  • Portable Gas Heaters
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Hot Water
  • Hydronic (also called ducted or central) heating
  • Outdoor Heating such as outdoor fireplaces or radiant heating units
  • BBQ’s and outdoor kitchens

Just call us today and our experienced staff can walk you through the process on the phone or in person.