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With brands such as Escea’s Power Direct Vent Flueing system, fireplaces can now be installed virtually anywhere in a home.

We can run a flue vertical, horizontal, or even down, so that you aren’t constrained into a traditional fireplace.

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When renovating a home, or even a living area, a gas fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere. We can install a double-sided fire to provide a natural division in a large, open plan space. With slim-line fires now available, a gas fire can be installed against an existing wall, building out as little as 50cm.

Most new gas fires now come with zero clearance technology, meaning that the sides and back of the fire, plus the flue, remain cool so you can install the fire anywhere, and mount virtually anything next to it. A popular installation method is to install a slim line fire into an existing wall, and to wall-mount your television above it. It’s a beautiful addition to a house, and actually saves you space.

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Many federation style houses have existing fireplaces which, while adding to the character of a house, can be a dead space within a living room.

We have a range of gas fires designed to be installed into small, existing fireplaces. With zero clearance technology of modern gas fires, you can then use the space above the mantel for anything you want, such as artwork or a television.

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A gas fireplace is an amazing addition to a home. Whether you are building a new home, renovating, want to retrofit an old fireplace, or simply want to build a new fireplace in your living room, we have a solution for your space.

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