Carbon Monoxide Alarms

At the The Heater Man we recommend having carbon monoxide alarms wherever you have gas appliances. Whether is be a cook top, gas hot water heater, gas fire or heater in your home. Also if your using a wood burning fire in your home a carbon monoxide alarms warn you when the (CO) levels are dangerously high.

Carbon Monoxide has no smell, taste or colour. This is why it is sometimes called the “Silent Killer”. If there is a lack of air for the combustion process or you gas appliance is faulty Carbon Monoxide can be produced. Remember that Carbon Monoxide alarms are no substitute for regular inspection and maintenance of appliances, vents, flues and chimneys.

We have teamed up with Quell and selected what we believe to be the best options for your home and family’s safety. This will provide you with basic protection from the threat of carbon monoxide. “For complete safety and peace of mind, Quell produces a range of user friendly and competitively priced alarms”

If we’re at your home servicing your gas appliances we’ll offer to supply your carbon monoxide alarm with free installation and of course no delivery cost.

You can be in danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning at home if dangerous amounts of Carbon Monoxide accumulate in the home. This can happen as a result of any or a combination of the following.Carbon Monoxide Alarms

  • Faulty or damaged heating appliances.
  • Heating appliance not maintained or serviced.
  • Rooms not properly ventilated.
  • Blocked chimneys or flues.
  • Indoor use of a barbecue grill or outdoor heater.
  • Poor installation of heating appliances.
  • Improper operation of heating appliances.
  • Property alterations or home improvements, which reduce ventilation.
  • Running vehicles engines such or lawnmowers in garages.
  • Using cooking appliances for heating purposes.

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